about the dojo

Our martial arts curriculum provides practical self defense skills using both modern and traditional training methods. We balance this with the philosophy of peaceful conflict resolution and development of character traits that prepare students to defend themselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually outside the dojo walls. Our underlying principle of "mindfulness"  strives to bring our students into the moment-creating a response that is meaningful and effective for any given situation. 


It is our experience that just about everyone, martial artist or not, wants the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm but many of us are much more likely to be hurt—and even killed—by things we do in and to the environment. Our diets, attitudes, and perceptions of ourselves and those around us can ultimately have more of an impact than by any kick, punch, or throw so we strive to connect our students with the idea that self defense is much more than the physical skills they learn on the mat...it is about achieving excellence in all areas of your life and choosing to set an example for others to follow.  


We train in a clean, safe environment and provide a high quality training surface as well as the opportunity to purchase required safety gear at affordable prices. Students are encouraged to participate in keeping the dojo clean, maintain equipment, and care for their fellow students. Community Service & Leadership projects are encouraged to build leadership skills, practice compassion, and contribute to our neighborhoods. 



Lake Havasu City AZ Dojo

Martial Arts Center 

Lake Havasu City, AZ