"What we get by achieving our goals is not nearly
as important as what we become."-Zig Ziglar

It is important to note that martial arts are a discipline not a sport. The demands are greater and so are the benefits so it requires year round commitment of participants-we are not a seasonal sport but a long term endeavor such as ballet, gymnastics, and learning musical instruments.


Daily improvement is made through consistent, constant effort and relies on attendance and home practice that is meaningful and diligent. This improvement works to create a strong concept of self. In his book, The Idiot’s Guide to Martial Arts, Cezar Borkowski writes, “In each martial arts class, you’ll learn how to harness your natural strength. Not just the muscular variety, but also the power that lies in your spirit and mind. As a martial arts practitioner, each drop of perspiration you shed will help wash away your fears, and each passing year can leave you feeling more confident.”


This “I can do it attitude” is the by-product of facing your fears and doing your best even though it’s challenging. Sometimes it’s really hard and frustrating and, frankly, it must be in order to grow and see the fruits of your labors. We are here to provide you a supportive environment in which to struggle and grow and all that is expected of you is to make the commitment and follow through with consistent effort.


A Black Belt is simply a White Belt that never quit!



Martial Arts Center 

Lake Havasu City, AZ