notes for parents

Please refer to the instructors by their titles, not their first names, in front of your children. Example: Please do not call ChoGyoNim Jared,  “Jared”-please refer to him as "ChoGyoNim" or "ChoGyoNim Jared". You may also address Instructors as Mr. or Mrs. It is important to set a good example for your children.


Understand and comply with all of the rules at our dojo and please take the time to explain the dojo rules and testing policies to your child. We encourage them to be accountable for their training as much as possible but it is helpful if the information is reinforced at home.


Do not attempt to talk to, discipline, or instruct your child during the training class. Have faith and trust in the school-our Instructors are highly qualified. Recognize that the instructors take the place of the disciplinarian while at the dojo and interuptions in the student-instructor realationship undermines progress.


If you have other children with you please make sure they are well behaved as to not disrupt classes in session. Also loud talking is not permitted while class is in session and cell phones should be turned off or put on vibrate. 


Children should learn how to put on their own uniforms and equipment. The instructors will teach your child how to tie their own belt and it is expected that they do so for each class. We will be patient while they learn and make corrections as necessary. 


Please make sure that your children come to class prepared and on time. Announcements of upcoming events and activities will be posted and sent via email or social media and it is your responsibility to make sure you are informed.


Talk with your children about karate, the lessons of the week , and share an interest in their progress. Encourage them to show you what they are learning and facilitate practice time at home. In addition, try to attend and support all dojo and events. Referral of friends and family members help the dojo grow and increase training opportunities for all.


Promotion Tests are very important to all students. Please be aware of the status of your child, i.e., number of classes, stripes earned, curriculum, home requirements, etc.,  to make sure that he/she is ready for the pre-test and actual exam. Decisions regarding promotion lie with the instructors and are based on performance and understanding of curriculum not necessarily on how many classes they have attended. Home practice is vital to keeping on track towards reaching thier goals!


Notices of dates the school will be closed will be posted. Additional closures will be announced in class and via email and social media. Make sure you check the announcment board every time your child attends class and visit the website and FaceBook page regularly for updates!


Be supportive of your child and don't always expect too much of them. Remember that each child learns differently and at different rates and therefore may not be promoted as quickly as others. Your child is unique and special-do not compare him/her with another child in the class. Learning takes patience and time. With your support and understanding the school believes that your child will be able to achieve his/her goals.


If you ever have questions or concerns please bring them directly to the Instructor after class or via email or phone. That way we can give you our full attention without any distractions. 



















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