... and into the world!

There’s more to martial arts than punching and kicking! We strive to teach our students to practice Black Belt Excellence in all areas of their lives and take the lessons learned on the mat out of the dojo and into the world.

The dojo participates in several community service projects each year and in addition, students may complete various projects for promotion with HONORS.  



Tiger students are required to complete and turn in a 100 Acts of Kindness sheet for each belt level. They will earn a Silver Stripe for their belt when completed. 


Juniors, Dragons,  & Adults

Document/Journal your acts and turn in at your next belt test! 


Polite Greetings: Journal 100 introductions or greeting to friends, family, teachers etc.


Kindness & Selflessness: Journal 100 acts.


Mindfulness or Meditation: Journal 100 acts of mindfulness, quietness or meditation. Enjoy the moment!


Respect: Journal 100 acts of respect like a bow, using a person’s title, take care of things etc.


Nutritional Self-Defense: Journal 20 healthy meals: double your veggies, go sugar-free, go gluten-free, ditch fast food & soda, etc.


Reading: Reflect on a book about a hero. What makes him/her a hero? What appeals to you about him/her?


Media vs. Reality: Ditch all media for 48 hours to a week and journal what you did instead.


Environmental Self-defense: Take  at least 20 actions of recycling, conserving, reducing waste, etc.


Empathy: Experience what it feels like to be mute, blind, wheelchair bound, without money, without electricity, etc.


Role Models: Profile/interview a living hero in your life. Video & photos encouraged!


Service: Mentor a lower belt to help them reach their goals. Document the journey.


Gratitude: Journal 20 moments of gratitude by sending a note, saying thank you, etc.


Families: Journal 20 actions that support the well being of a sibling/family member.


Peaceful Conflict Resolution –Journal about 5 to 10 experiences when you resolved a conflict peacefully and tell us how you did it.


Community Service: Document a project you participated in or a project that you led. Blog, produce a video, make a press release, etc.


Project Based Leadership : Develop and design a group project that serves the community. Blog, produce a video, make a press release, etc.  Use a Project Guide and Report sheet to Design and Implement your project  and make notes in your journal along the way.

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