“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”~Lao Tzu

Welcome to your martial arts journey! 


You will begin by learning the Basics of the Tamashii Ryuu System. The Basics are the foundation of any system and provide a framework to build on as you work towards Black Belt ranking. Be patient and do not compare yourself to other students or attempt techniques that are designated for the more experienced students-stick to the road map we provide for you and have trust in your teachers as they guide you. 


Here are a few helpful guidelines to get you started:



It’s best to train on an empty or nearly-empty stomach. If it’s been many hours since your last meal, a light snack such as fruit or half a protein bar is fine. Start cleaning up your diet by adding more fruits and vegetables, and decreasing the amounts of processed food and sugar you take in-this will help you get the most out of your training and make you feel better. 


It’s important to be well-hydrated before you come to class. You should bring your own, re-fillable water bottle to every class. 


What to Wear

Beginning students are required to wear a plain white dobok (uniform) or blue jujitsu gi. White Gi's are provided FREE with enrollment and jujitsu uniforms and replacements are available for sale at the front desk. For your first class, comfortable gym clothes are fine.


We train in bare feet and shoes are not allowed on the mat. Under special circumstances you may be allowed to wear mat shoes-plese check with the instuctor first. 


Long hair should be tied back and jewelry and watches should be removed. Please keep your finger and toenails clipped and wash dirty feet before stepping on the mat! Personal hygiene is of utmost importance! 


Where To Store Your Stuff

Shoes are to be placed on the shoe rack in front and gear bags are to be stored on the rack in the back in an organized manner. Dressing rooms are available for changing before and after class if needed. Students are expected to keep the dojo clean and neat-pick up after yourself and others if need be!


What To Expect

Arrive a few minutes early to prepare for class-always bow when you enter the dojo. Greet instructors and other students politely, pull your attendance card, bow onto the mat and line up at the far end of the dojo. Please do not disturb classes in session with loud conversation-use the time to lightly stretch prepare yourself for class .


Classes begin with a bowing ceremony and reciting of the student oath. After a short meditation and warm up session, curriculum is presented and you will have time to practice & ask questions. Class will close with a short question/answer session and discussion of selected philosophy prior to bowing out. 


Do not interupt the instructor and raise your hand before speaking. Students should stand in Chunbi position when addressing a senior and should always answer "Yes Ma'am" or "Yes Sir" when spoken to. 


Students must ask permission before using equipment and horseplay is never allowed. 


After Class

Be sure to drink water after class (especially during hot summer months) to replenish and hydrate. Uniforms should be washed after each class and folded neatly to prevent wrinkles. Sparring gear should be wiped down after each use and replaced if damaged.


Train at least two times a week and when you miss a class make it up over the next week. Consistent attendance and daily pratice are essential to success so plan your work and work your plan! 


Practice at home daily, or at a minumum on days you don't attend class...15-20 minutes is a good time frame to start with!


Training Journal

Bring a notebook or journal to class to write down curriculum & training tips, make notes, and record your progress. Out of the Dojo requirements should also be recorded in your journal and turned in at each belt test. 



Martial Arts Center 

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