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godan ryuu jiujitsu

Yoshimishinki Ryugi JuJitsu has roots in Danzan Ryu JuJitsu, Judo, and Japanese Karate (Shotokan). Our comprehensive style, developed by Soke George Sherman-a student of Ray & Marie Laws- includes throws, joint locks, strikes, submission holds, groundwork, come-alongs, escapes, and kicking techniques.


Our main emphasis is on mastering practical methods of self-defense in response to unarmed and armed attacks, using both classical and improvised methods, however, improved self -awareness, coordination, and conditioning are equally important benefits obtained from the study of our style of martial art. In addition, the study of ki, kiai, meditation, and restorative massage are essential to the system. Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement and Self-Defense for Women are also included in the curriculum.


When one considers the undertaking of a Classical JuJitsu Course, he or she should be familiar with what's involved and emphasized. Physically, JuJitsu is designed to develop speed and agility, plus strength. The most damaging blows are delivered by those who have not only physical strength but internal strength and we seek to develop these to the fullest. 


To take up the Ancient Arts primarily for fighting is not encouraged. A good instructor's main concern is that the students will benefit both physically and mentally from his training program. Physically, JuJitsu aims to develop health, strength, reaction, and alertness. Mentally, JuJitsu will teach us concentration and our personality will change for the better through the development of Patience, Perseverance, Belief, Self-control, Honesty, Courage, Love of Humanity, and Respect for Others. 


In our Watkins Glen Dojo we offer programs for both Youth (ages 7-12) and Adult as primary enrollment

or and add-on.


Students in both locations also receive training in various jujitsu techniques as part of their curriculum.






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