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How long does it take to earn a Black Belt? 

The martial arts jouney is a process that requires time and we are dedicated to seeing our students through to Black Belt and beyond. The time it takes to earn the coveted first-degree Black Belt is a function of attendance and dedication to the art. Home practice is required and students are expected to meet physical & mental standards for advancement. Generally, a student who attends class regularly and is recommended for promotion on a consistent basis can earn a Black Belt within four to 5 years depending on their age. We do not promote children under the age of 12 to Black Belt and Black Belts under the age of 16 are considered Junior Dan holders. 


Do I need to be physically fit to begin training? 

No. Physical fitness and weight control are benefits of consistent training. Students also realize enhanced flexibility, increased aerobic endurance, agility, discipline, and increased ability to concentrate.


Am I too old to begin training?  

You are never too old to start your journey in the martial arts. Our beginning classes are designed for all fitness and ability levels, and students progress at their own pace.


How can children benefit from martial arts training? 

Martial Arts training cultivates courtesy, respect and self-control in children of all ages. Discipline, confidence, and social skills are also emphasized. Our comprehensive curriculum contributes to a more productive life experience both at home and in school. And, it's fun!


Must I keep pace with everyone else in the class? 

No. You are competing with no one but yourself. It is important to enjoy your training while developing perseverance, self-discipline, and physical fitness.


Do I need to invest a lot of time to realize steady progress? 

Just as in any discipline of this nature, the more time you invest the greater the rewards. We generally recommend a minimum of two classes per week for all students, however additional training is available through the Black Belt Club for those students desiring  a more intensive program.


Is there a chance of injury? 

As with any physical pursuit, there is always a chance of injury. Contact during self-defense practice is highly controlled and the intensity of sparring is left up to the individual (full safety gear is also required). Our primary goal is to provide authentic martial arts training in a safe and encouraging training environment.


How often are new belts awarded? 

Promotion examinations are held every 4-6 months for colored belt levels, every 6-12 months for Black Belt levels. Students are approved for graduation based on their ability to learn new techniques within that time frame and completion of rank requirements, however, there is no rush and the decision to test is ultimately left up to the student. Obtaining a Black Belt is a process rather than a destination.


Do I need to sign an annual membership contract? 

Our Student Agreements require a personal commitment by both the student and instructor and we handle all our own billing so anytime there is a financial issue it is handled directly. 


Agreements vary in length with age and program and may be cancelled with a 30 day notice. Students must remain current in order to remain an active member of the school regardless of the number of classes taken within a given month. Members who lapse in tuition or attendance will not be eligible for promotion until caught up and will be subject to current tuition rates. 


Is it expensive to train at Four Dragons? 

We are neither the most expensive nor the least expensive school in the area, but the benefits of training at Four Dragons dramatically outweigh the costs. It is difficult to put a price on the sense of achievement, empowerment and well being that is a direct result of the focused, passionate, and consistent training you will receive from our staff. 

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