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uniforms & equipment 

UNIFORM: A complete uniform is required for all students on the training floor-unless otherwise directed. Patches are to be affixed to the uniform in such a manner that the edges are flat and secure. Belts must be tied appropriately with black stripes to the left. *Brown Belts are required to purchase a different uniform upon promotion. 


SPARRING GEAR: Students attaining the rank of Orange Belt, are required to purchase sparring gear for use in class and sanctioned tournaments. The equipment is included in the Basic Package includes the following items: Reversible Chest Protector, White Head Gear, Mouth Guard, Shin/Instep Guards, Forearm Guards, Groin Protector (both male & female), foam chops, and a gear bag. A face Shield and WTF Sparring Gloves are optional. Packages start at $150.


ARNIS STICKS: Students attaining the rank of Purple Belt are required to purchase a set of sticks which should be brought to every class. Sticks start at $18/pair.


BO (long staff): Students attaining the rank of Sr. Blue Belt are required to purchase a Bo which should be brought to class on "A" days. Bo's start at $25.


PRO-SHOP: A variety of Martial Arts supplies and related items are available through our Pro-Shop year round. Replacement uniforms and patches are also available.

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