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  • ​This is the place to be if looking for a quality martial arts program. I looked around and none of the rest compared. My son had attended another program in another state. Discipline, honor, integrity, mutual respect. Having come from another "style" of teaching, my son has quickly adapted and is so fired up to attend class at this dojo. Look no further and prepare to be wowed by your child's accomplishment in the dojo and in life. Courtesy, confidence and self control has soared in my son. The Wilmott's have taught me a thing or two about parenting along the way as well. They are true mentors and role models! -Tracy Marple

  • Heidi Olson is an outstanding instructor. My two children have been enrolled for over a year and have since gained self discipline, self control and confidence. Four Dragons provides a very safe and clean environment for students. I highly recommend this dojo and look forward to seeing the growth in my children.-Angel Caban

  • It's a drive from our house in Elmira to Watkins Glen, but a good Martial Arts school AND instructors is worth the drive! Mrs. Heidi Wilmott is firm, strong, yet positive, and is certainly in control of her class! Even though Jacob is just a beginner, he is already showing signs of behavior improvement. When Jacob complains, "I can't do it" (whatever "it" is) he now has a new motto to follow and we say it with him..."I CAN do it and I WILL do it!"  I strongly recommend you check out Four Dragons Martial Arts in Watkins Glen! -Andrea Schlickbernd


  • After six years, my children continue their journey. My son started at Four Dragons when he was 3.5 years old. Two years later his older sister joined him. After six years, both my children learned so much about etiquette, discipline in the form of there's a time and place for the sillies!! That lesson alone is worth so my with my son. They are a team, though the compete at tournaments as individuals, everyone supports and encourages each other. Both my children have been involved in the Demo Team, Anti Bully, and competed in many levels of tournaments, including the Junior Olympics. These experiences are priceless. Though we have moved, my kids continue their martial arts journey, taking theses lessons from Four Dragons with them.  -Michelle Summerson


  • Great workout! I've been with the cardio kickboxing class for several months now. I love the classes and get a great workout. Heidi provides a safe and enjoyable environment to learn in. -Johanna Tuttle


  • Great instructors! I have been taking my son for the past two years. He started at age three. Great opportunity for children, and adults to make new friends, learn important lessons in life, respect for oneself and others. Lessons learned in class carry out puff the dojo, and into students everyday life. Yes, they do learn martial arts too. Highly recommended to anyone of all ages.-Rich Pike


  • My granddaughter has been attending Four Dragons for close to a year now. She has Cystic Fibrosis and Autism. She has excelled in both body and mind. They have classes for all ages. You will find Four Dragons a definite positive role model not only in your child's learning environment but also in the home. This has been a rewarding experience for my granddaughter and myself. If you are looking for a clean, safe, and trusting environment for yourself and/or a loved one to learn martial arts, self defense along with respect and self-respect the Four Dragons is the place to attend. -Cindy Blim


  • My son has been going for the last year. As a homeschooled child it gives my child great fitness and also gives him great confidence The Instructors are awesome with the children. We love taking are oldest and plan on taking are youngest when he turns 4. -Ana Updyke


  • I was a student of Four Dragons for several years when I lived in the Watkins Glen area.  It's a great place to learn martial arts, get into or stay in shape, and also to better yourself spiritually and mentally.  The school provides a good challenge and pushes you to be better, but not so much to be off putting.  Kwan Jung Nim Wilmott is an excellent instructor with many decades of experience teaching martial arts.  There is a strong foundation of etiquette and respect, but the students are very friendly and helpful.  It's also a place that you can feel good about supporting because the school and the students are very willing to help their local community with frequent projects, which goes hand in hand with pursuing a black belt at the school.  I would highly recommend the school whether you're looking to learn advanced martial arts or just looking to get in better shape. -Jonathan Yost



  • This is my son's first couple of weeks and I can say hands down it has changed his attitude and behavior for the best!  Heidi and her helpers give each individual child the attention to learn new skills at each lessons.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty for each child and I know my son walks away from class feeling satisfied and is learning the techniques and skills that are shown in class (he is 5 with an attention span to fit his age)  She helps me as a parent to understand what is expected and what my son has to do in order to succeed in and out of class.  Four Dragons is so worth the experience not only for the student but for me as the parent.  I would recommend Heidi and Four Dragons to anyone who is looking for an amazing Martial Arts Dojo! -Alyssa Wixson




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