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WATKINS GLEN tuition & fees

Membership at Four Dragons Martial Arts is simple-programs are all billed monthly with 30 days notice to cancel or hold. Enrollment periods are a minimum of 6 months. Our goal is to help students achieve a Black Belt in martial arts and in life!


Traditional Martial Arts Program

Black Belt Club : $85/month for two or more classes per week


Masters Club: $99/month for unlimited classes in all programs (TKD and JJ)

Adult Classical Jiu-Jitsu Program (Watkins Glen only)

$85/month for two or three 90 minute classes per week

Youth Jiu-Jitsu Program  (Watkins Glen only)

$85/month for 3 classes per week

$55/month for 1 class per week


Once you’ve had your free introductory class you will have the opportunity to enroll in one of our programs based on your interest and level of commitment. New students need to pay your first month’s tuition and your enrollment fee of $25 to get started (Jiu Jitsu Students will be required to purchase a judo/jiujitsu gi.) 


To schedule a FREE trial class in Watkins Glen contact BSBN John at jdsalamendra@gmail.com  for a copy of his current schedule

We use an online billing service to automatically process our tuition and the terms are simply that you give us 30 days written notice before cancelling your enrollment or placing it on hold. If at anytime you have a concern about your account or payments please contact us personally and we will address it immediately. 

Martial Arts Center 

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